A Matter of Confidence

Translations in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutics and medical technology are a matter of confidence.

By collaborating with Beomed Translation Team you will have a partner with a profound grasp of your industry and an intimate knowledge of your target audience's needs.

Our Network of Freelance Translators is dedicated to providing you with premium medical translations. We specialise in German and English and use our extensive experience across a wide range of medical disciplines to your advantage. Beyond translations, we offer a comprehensive suite of language services and expert consultation.

We have been a well-coordinated team for over 30 years and are masters of our craft. Originating as the language service division for Baxter Deutschland GmbH  — a global player in medical technology and pharmaceuticals — we have developed a deep-seated comprehension of the Life Sciences and MedTech sectors and their unique demands.

Since branching out in 2011 to form Beomed Translation Team, Network of Freelance Translators, we have expanded our capabilities, working in synergy with other seasoned professionals on expansive projects.

We each operate as separate and independent business entities, working together in a strategic alliance.

Your benefit? You will receive technical translations of excellent quality and absolute reliability, plus greater flexibility than would be possible with a single translator.

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