• Translation and localisation of texts in the fields of pharmaceutics, medicine, medical technology and clinical research
  • Our main fields of expertise include cardiology, cardiac catheters, TAVI, immunoassays, immunoanalysers, haemophilia products, vaccines, cell separators/apheresis systems, peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, dialysis solutions, therapeutic proteins, clinical studies, solutions for infusion, infusion pumps, anaesthesia products, fibrin sealants, etc.
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  • A wide range of text types, including: Marketing authorisation documents, study documents, instructions for use, SmPCs, PILs, product labelling, all kinds of marketing materials, websites, patient informed consent forms, Dear Customer letters, Field Corrective Action letters, medical reports, presentations, scientific articles and posters, strategy papers, training documents, complaint management letters
  • Proofreading and editing of German source texts to improve translatability
  • Certification of our own translations
  • Transcription and subtitling of videos with medical content
  • Development of glossaries/product-specific terminology to ensure consistency across all of your texts
  • Upon request: Revision by a second linguist (“four eyes” principle) per DIN EN ISO 17100