beomed | Die beste Medizin für Ihren Text

Are you in search of highly specialized translators who are intimately familiar with your specific medical field and industry? Then you've come to the right place! With nearly two decades of experience as the in-house language service department for a global leader in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology, we’ve collaborated across all functions and business units within our organization.

Why Choose Beomed Translation Team?

  1. Extensive Medical Expertise: Our team not only possesses comprehensive medical knowledge but also boasts a profound understanding of the industry and all stakeholders. This expertise is evident in every word we translate.

  2. Continuous Learning: Through ongoing education, reading specialized literature, and attending conferences, we stay abreast of the latest developments in life sciences and the translation industry.

  3. Your Prescription for Quality: Beomed Translation Team offers you The Best Medicine for Your Text. Whether it’s a clinical trial report, pharmaceutical documentation, or medical device instructions or marketing material, we deliver accuracy and precision.

Our Specialized Medical Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Antibiotic resistance and antibiotic stewardship
  • Anti-infective agents / infectiology / infectious diseases
  • Rare diseases (e.g. amyloidosis, thalassaemia)
  • Infectious diseases and vaccines
  • Immunotherapy and immune system disorders (e.g. therapeutic proteins, immunoglobulins)
  • Haemophilia (e.g. clotting factor products/blood coagulation factors)
  • Transfusion medicine (e.g. cell separators/apheresis devices, columns and disposables)
  • Cardiology (e.g. cardiac catheters, heart valves, TAVI, vascular surgery, MIS)
  • Renal therapy (e.g. peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis monitors, dialysis solutions)
  • Infusion therapy (e.g. IV solutions, infusion pumps, infusion equipment)
  • Nutrition therapy (e.g. compounding solutions and equipment)
  • Anaesthesia (e.g. anaesthetics and administration equipment)
  • Biological wound closure (e.g. fibrin sealants)
  • Diagnostics (e.g. immunoassays, immunoanalysers, molecular diagnostics, PCR, test kits)
  • Oncology (e.g. cytostatic drugs)
  • Biotech: Innovative technologies for the development of new medicines (e.g. reversible PEGylation, RNAi)

You too can benefit from our industry knowledge and our expertise.